Balt Hydro Project Company fulfills the whole range of design work of hydraulic structures and industrial facilities.

Main directions of our activity are as follows: 

  • Development of hydro power station (HPS) project designs;
  • Design of power stations using natural renewables (small hydro power stations (SHP), wind, tidal, biofuel, etc.);
  • Development of natural renewables utilization programs including the assessment of technical potential of small and medium size rivers, wind and solar resources, bio resources (wastes from plant and animal production, procurement and processing of timber), thermal water, non-commercial small oil and gas fields; development of renewables objects siting in administrative districts of a region, renewables utilization programs;
  • Design of hydraulic structures (embankments, quays, dams, bank re-enforcement, water discharge and regulating facilities);
  • Development of pumping station project designs;
  • Development of switchyards, substations and transmission lines designs;
  • Preparation of documentation for international bidding;
  • Execution of inspections at the existing hydro power stations;
  • Elaboration of detailed design documentation;
  • Author’s supervision.

Balt Hydro Project Company possesses a Competency Certificate allowing fulfillment of work having impact on security of particularly dangerous and technically sophisticated objects.